Libros Schmibros Needs You!

Volunteering and Internships at Libros:
Libros Schmibros values its volunteers. We work closely with a wide variety of volunteer staff who do everything from sorting, cataloging and shelving books to helping patrons with book selection. Our volunteers help with in-shop parties as well as readings, conferences and other cultural events hosted by Libros.

Volunteering at Libros is easy. Just follow this link to our questionnaire. Your answers will enter our database, and you will be contacted soon.
Volunteering Questionnaire

If your school requires a supervised internship or project, just ask! We have a variety of tasks to suit high-school, undergraduate and graduate programs (including English and Information Science), and we will be happy to work out a customized spot for you in the Libros family.

Print, fill out and bring these forms with you to Libros Schmibros Lending Library: